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Case Study

Photos by Reed Davis courtesy of wayfair.com

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen had a new home built and fully-furnished for a single mom and her 4 children just outside of Houston.  A few days before Ellen revealed her generous gift to the family on her show, Jason was brought in to work with an interior designer to set up the entire house from scratch.  Not only did each room have to look flawless for the camera, but everything that a family of 5 requires had to be beautifully arranged in every closet, cabinet, bookshelf and drawer to showcase the organizational elements and home accessories supplied by Wayfair.com for a photo spread on their website.

Our Services

Residential Re-org

Transforming closets, pantries, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, attics, kids’ playrooms or entire houses into de-cluttered, functional works of art.

Business Re-org

Converting filing systems, managing paperwork & computer files or streamlining entire offices into efficient and productive workplaces that will run like a well-oiled machine.


Making over homes or offices into thoroughly de-cluttered, beautifully arranged, impeccably organized showrooms that will wow potential buyers.


Managing moves to and from homes or offices; handling logistics such as hiring movers & staff, coordinating packing & unpacking and getting clients completely set up in their new space.


Working with clients to maximize their space, accommodate an expanding office/household, or simply corral the clutter that has taken over.  We’ll help you decide which items should stay or go, assess what can be sold/donated vs. recycled/thrown out, and get purged items to their final destinations.

And Many More!

Compiling residential/business inventories and portfolios. Organizing holiday decorations.  Cataloging art and photographs.  Streamlining contact lists, emails and personal documents.  Money and time management.  Maintenance or follow-up visits to spruce up prior work.