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    Within 24-48 hours of assessing your needs, we will send you a step-by-step proposal of what we can do to address your organizing needs, an estimate of the amount of time each step should take, and an overview of how much money you should budget for the project. – TIP: In the initial consultation, try to separate your most pressing organizing needs from those that are longer term. That way, we can craft a proposal for you that is divided into tiers; I.E. 1st tier projects are ones you would like to address and budget for immediately, whereas 2nd and 3rd tier projects are those you could address and/or set aside funds for a few weeks (or more) later.



    The first step of any organization process is purging unused, unnecessary and/or redundant objects. Under your guidance, we will purge and consolidate as many items as you’re willing to sell/donate/trash…and then the next phase of the organization process can begin. – TIP: Meaningful mementos, important files and photos and ??? are okay to keep around, but clothes that you’ll never wear again and 12 hammers, when all you’ll ever need is 3, are just taking up space that could be used for more efficient purposes.



    The first step is for us to come to your home or office for a free consultation (that usually takes no more than half an hour) to assess any areas that need organization help. During the walk-through, we will discuss your needs and goals and how you would like the space to function according to your lifestyle and/or work process. – TIP: Please don’t tidy anything up before the consultation. We need to see the space exactly as it is in all its messy glory. We’ve seen it all…it’s very likely that your clutter doesn’t even come close to the amount we’ve encountered before, and there is no job that’s too big or too small for us to handle. There is no need to feel nervous or embarrassed or judged…we are here to help you conquer anything and everything that you need help with, and one of our most important goals is to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.



    Once purged, we will group items into categories to best consider how to utilize and store them in their newly organized space, consolidating redundant and spread out items as we go. Once everything has been re-sorted and categorized in a way that makes perfect sense vs. throwing it just anywhere cuz I don’t know where else to put it… – TIP: Every item in your home or office should live in a place that makes sense…that is functional for not only its intended purpose but for the way you operate on a daily basis. (Why should your jewelry be spread out all over the place? Why should your shoe polish be stuffed into a random drawer instead of somewhere near your shoes?)

  • plan & purchase

    plan & purchase

    Assess the space and storage possibilities. Assess item categories and determine storage according to function and presentation. Create sections based on efficiency and functionality. Determine items needed to be purchased…such as containers, shelving, files, extra storage, decorative vs. hidden-away organizers, etc. Putting everything back in a way that makes sense…



    One step at a time…always will look most cluttered just before it’s almost done…“It’s all about dealing with the clutter as it comes…”



    EVERYTHING must be cleaned!! Now is the time to do it, as hopefully never again until you move will everything be removed from every shelf, cabinet, storage bin and drawer. An organized space must ultimately begin as a clean space…and we will dust, scrub and Windex every inch of storage as well as every item going into it so that you are starting anew in a perfectly pristine space.