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Jason Reeves

Founder & President

Oddly Organized

Jason has been organizing everything in his path since he was a little boy, when he lined up his stuffed animals and Tonka trucks perfectly in his toy box all facing forward, categorized by type and color.  After a post-college detour producing television in Los Angeles for over a decade, his peculiar childhood penchant for order ultimately brought him back home to Texas to launch his true dream career as a Professional Organizer.

Jason has created order out of chaos for executives, attorneys, doctors, business owners, housewives, parents, artists, restauranteurs and interior designers – anything from overhauling offices, establishing new filing systems and handling delicate paperwork to coordinating entire moves and organizing valuable belongings into new homes.  He is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and strictly adheres to its codes of discretion and ethics.

Oddly Organized originated as a desire to merge form & function with style & design.  We believe that a beautifully organized space leads to a re-energized environment and will inspire you to become a more efficient, effective, clearheaded, cleansed, all-around better version of yourself.  We customize our work for each client according to your tastes, personality and lifestyle, and we leave you with systems that are easy to maintain long after we’re gone.